Galvo Scanning

SiC Optics for High-End Laser Processes​

OptoSiC scanning mirrors are lightweight mirrors for high-speed laser scanning systems. Our special mirrors design utilizes the inherent stiffness and hardness of SiC to enable the realization of ultra-lightweight with low deformation, even in high-speed applications.

Our mounting options for .

Our customers have the option to get the optoSiC+ mirrors with and without a glued mount in all standard shaft sizes. Furthermore, we are able to manufacture accordance to customer specifications customized mount and fixing solutions.

Standard Products G=Generic Application CA mm Standard polished WF FSM-R 150 3mm 5mm 6mm 7mm 8mm 12mm
XY 10G 110 130 150          
XY 15G 2,5 2,5 2,5      
XY 20G 11,5 11,5 11,5      
XY 25G 110 142 179          
XY 30G 793 1367 2268          
XY 40G 3,04 2,71 2,46      
XY 50G 3,04 2,71 2,46      
XY 66G 3,04 2,71 2,46          
XY 75G 3,04 2,71 2,46          
XY 100G 3,04 2,71 2,46          

Who we are and
what we do.

MERSEN optoSIC develops and produces for LASER technologies innovative high-end scanning  and fast steering mirrors in a tailored optoSIC+ material (SiC = silicon carbide) for today‘s and future application.

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